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This book is the first in a lifelong series which follows a long-eared owl called Pertwee and a long-tailed forest mouse called Peri. It is set at the beginning of their lives and takes place over 15 nights, during which time the two unlikely friends grapple with life, their fears, and help to solve a magically troubling case.

The second book in this series will revisit them when they have grown a little more in height and in life and will see them solve another mystery and will be released in January 2020.

This collector's handmade edition is made with fine-quality ribbed 110gsm FSC-certified ivory paper printed with archival inks and comes wrapped in a cotton-paper cover.


'Pertwee & Peri'
Handmade Book

with b/w illustrations
& 212 pages

Price: £25




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